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It seems that everytime an article is written about how to improve fighting games, the person who wrote the article is a scrub who sucks at fighting games. Oscar talks about the latest article from an author who clearly knows nothing about the genre, but wants it dumbed down for the sake of increasing sales.

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2 thoughts on “Are Fighting Games Too Hard?| @GeeksOfNewYork | Gaming News, Movie News.”

  1. the problem with combos is they make the game not a fighting a game anymore but a ddr battle:who cares about THE INCAPACITATED adversary,lets play against the game's physics and regurgitate a full move combination to suck half the gauge.or more.

    its not about loosing its about combos, to me, why casuals loose interest.
    its not about moves&execution: they just have to 'git good' in that situation
    it's about NOT BEING ABLE TO PLAY the length of the combo.

    lemme give you an example why combos are killing casual scenes.
    i played a karin the other wasnt about spacing it wasnt about speed it wasnt about anything but openings:2or3 openings. you lost the round.
    i lost plenty of matches in plenty of games. i dont care: im learning.
    opponents dumber than me who win anyway
    the ones who are just as smart but know their character better
    others who are much better but dont vomit their practice on my character…
    i have fought plenty and the loses i find the most demorilising are the 'move for 1sec per round and you cant play your opponent because of high damage combos' .there is nothing to learn here. no spacing no shimmy no nothing.
    when you realised that in X amount of loading time Z amount of wait for matchmaking, that you have actually played 1sec IN BETWEEN that other person's combos, you start looking for something other than that glorified DDR to play. thats how sales numbers drop in a franchise.

    we need Art of Fighting&Buriki One back!

    in some games you can break combos others, you can parry(thats why doa was so much fun before they made it a perv fest) in soulca2 even, you can use your character's weight to fall out of the juggles.

    when the other one cant do sheet(blaze blu has ONE 'get off me' option a round) it becomes dive kickery & its boring to casuals.casuals drive the sales numbers, adv make it survive the years.

    the solution isnt simplification, the solution is no half gauge combos no high damage ones.
    but thats what adv players are used to, like your discussion turned into a 'git good that s how it is' comment i have seen much too often.

    there is a fair balance out there and it isnt in virtua fighter's SIX buttons layout-P,G,K,p+g,p+k,k+g-:virtua fighter has NO combo stoppers.its even worse than doa the amounts of moves you can 'put in' before the body hits the ground.
    thats not a fighting game anymore: thats an ego wank.

    the geese howard "bretzel" is the only reminder of the kof94&5 games' weird 'to be different than street fighter' move inputs!
    kof only has now half&quarter circles aside from the scarce charge characters!.

  2. Deep there is also a generation gap younger players are not used to these arcade games, wich is why they revert to newer moreĀ or more mainstream gameplay wich is what we are used to like when you let me play your streetfighter it was a completely new genre for me.

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