Best 200 Dollar Gaming PC Build March 2016 – RIP Consoles (Plays Every Game)

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48 thoughts on “Best 200 Dollar Gaming PC Build March 2016 – RIP Consoles (Plays Every Game)”

  1. LOL

    RIP Consoles

    goes on ebay, buys secondhand shit

    compare like and like

    if you are shopping on ebay, then shop for your console on ebay, you can find ps4 on there for 100 bucks

    if you compare new console, then compare with new PC

    You will never build a PC for 200 dollars, all new parts,

    Oh yea, don't forget a copy of windows guys, it's important, gaming sucks on linux

  2. I have a lot of qeustions but let me start I have and old computer i am looking to upgrade and I want to use these parts well they dont sell that dell anymore so i would love a list of all your parts I have to strip everything out of the pc I have now so I need some ideas but I really need to know if I have 1tb hardrive with all these other parts how much power should I have and are these parts compatible with any mother board

  3. im sorry but 16gb of ddr2 memory is useless

    1. you most likely wont use anywhere near that much ram in a pc of this price
    2. games will suffer due to slow ram speed, not necessarily the amount of ram

    if you see tests that have been done, 4gb of ddr4 memory will absolutely crush 16gb of ddr2 memory.

    my final point is this, you should have saved that 30 dollars and put it towards a gpu. You can get a gtx 950 for around 120 if you look hard enough.

  4. You can buy a prebuilt pc for 150 bucks with 8gb ram, and a sandy/ivy bridge i5. Then just throw in a pci graphics card like 750ti/260x for literally 200 bucks. it's a fast all around pc and can play any game

  5. Just built a PC with an i3 3220 for $150. Gonna get a good graphics card once I can afford it. The i3 3000 series is so underrated. Way better than any Pentium or Intel Core Quad Cpu. You can grab one in great condition off Ebay for like $50.

  6. i wanna built too…ive sorted so.e the components out…they are roughly 230$.but havent boughy yet cause dont know will it work….so ill just list them…pls advice
    1)AMD ATHOL5350 processor(60$)
    2)ZOTAC NVIDIA GT730(99$)
    3)GIGABYTE GA- A1M1 S2H(40$)
    4)kingston hyper x fury memory ddr3 8gb(38$).
    now i dont know what power supply unit to buy .i already have the hard drive.if my list is not compatible pls suggest something similar to it…thank you

  7. I feel as though these parts you found where extremely discounted because I bought 4 gigs of ddr2 for 20$ and that was the cheapest I could find anywhere so idk where u found these parts

  8. Can I get someone's PC free??
    Please I can't play anything on Intel Celeron 430 1.80 GHz 2GB of Ram and 256 mb graphic!! I can't even play Minecraft on this
    Actually i can on lowest settings with 15-40fps

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