BIG NEWS Red Dead Redemption 2 MP Beta & PS Classic Announced

Fairly big news day. Lets see what folks think about Red Dead 2 getting an MP beta and about the…PS Classic.
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36 thoughts on “BIG NEWS Red Dead Redemption 2 MP Beta & PS Classic Announced”

  1. Feels like they are being super cheap with the system. Why not give us the dualshock controller instead? Those had the analog sticks and that analog button that I never new what it was for till years laters.

  2. Question, when did early access to the complete game become a "Gold/Ultimate" pre-order bonus?? Not Beta-Access or something for all pre-orders but the vanilla-'silver" tier pre-orders have to wait 1, 3, even 5 days.

    Nearly every AAA game coming out soon has "Early access 3-5 days early" for the upper tier pre-order bundles..

    This is gross and we knew it was inevitable. Its only going to get slimier and worse in the future.

  3. I'm in the camp that I like to see Sony and Nintendo do backward compatibility built into current/new hardware like Xbox is doing. With the backlog those two companies have it would be an amazing value to their current ecosystems IMO.

  4. RDR 2 was #1 on my wishlist ever since I killed the last buffalo, but since these greedy fuckers don't want to announce RDR2 for pc, I'm done with them!! Just because I still own a decrepit PS4, doesn't mean I'm planning to buy this game twice!
    They should really kill off all these greedy corporate dicks and clean up the hot mess we call; The Gaming Industry.

  5. I don't like these classic consoles. I would rather pay for the games I want from a digital library. Backwards compatibility makes more sense than a gimmicky 100$ box. There are some special games out there too that most likely will not make it on this classic console.

  6. I actually think I would rather get the PlayStation TV to play PS1 games than the Classic esp if we aren't allowed to download more games or play PS1 disc with them.

  7. Sony Classic not including the Dual Shock 1 means Ape Escape is not going to be one of the 20 titles. This is going to be a disaster of a little console. Save your $100 and buy something else

  8. The thing I'm bothered with the most about the PS Classic is that the controller is not wireless. It's not really that much of a big deal, but something that I would like to have.

  9. it be more efficient to do it on a digital platform and sell the console as a cheap alternative if they supported more games and online and streaming and sold controllers. the reason why digital platforms and steam are great you get everything you want in 1 place ,and you get to pick what you want.

  10. They've had half a decade and longer to figure out a backwards compatibility system for current gen yet they'd rather dedicate time and resources into periphery systems like the PS Vita, which they neglect almost immediately, and this redundant grey box. GG Sony.

  11. Personally, convenience wise, it'd be nice to get that backward compatibility so that you can have it all in one console. But all along, based on personal experience and different accounts of people at that time that the reason I believe Sony isn't doing this anymore was because when the first PS3 was released, it had backward compatibility and it hurt PS3 game sales because people were still consuming a lot of PS2 games, buying those instead even if they already had a PS3. Hence, the PS3 slim was released with no backward compatibility. Does anyone out there, with a clearer history on the playstation, who knows a 100% whether this is true or false? Much appreciated πŸ™‚

  12. It’s cool 😎 No disrespect but it’s better to go out and buy a PlayStation 1 and go to a pawn shop or a Edward McKay and get those games you like. No need but I would like to ps to release a cd with all the classics on it.😎

  13. The Ps4 has already been hacked and can play the vast majority of Ps2 games, if Sony made it official it would be a slam dunk. They already have the exclusives, adding that to the mix would make the gap at the top even bigger.

  14. I already have five consoles attached to my TV – Nintendo Wii U, Nintendo Switch, PS3, PS4 Pro and Xbox One X – so I definitely do NOT want another. One of the best things about the Xbox One X is its backward compatibility of not only Xbox 360 games but also original Xbox ones as well. It makes up partly for its depressing lack of exclusives (and the mediocre ones it has had this year, namely Sea of Thieves and State of Decay 2). Still Forza Horizon 4 looks awesome based on the demo so there's at least that in its favour.

    Anyway, yes, not a fan of these classic consoles either; I would much rather have backward compat built into the current systems to reduce the need to have multiple consoles connected to the TV. It also has the advantage of offering improved visuals and performance as is the case with the Xbox One X. You just don't get that on these classic consoles because they are aiming for an authentic old-style experience..

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