Nintendo Fan Boys Demand Better Icons & They Should. Gaming News 9 28 2017

Hello Everyone! Today I have one article with a short rant session at the end. If I’m wrong let me know. If you agree let me know. Ask any questions you’d like down below. Nintendo […]

Gaming News: DragonBall Z Battle of Z Transformations

► Subscribe ► Click that LIKE button Stay up to date by subscribing and follow me on Twitter •Follow Me On Twitter: •Subscribe Articles: Power Up Full Power Frieza Beyond 9,000 In Dragon […]

The Codec Gaming News | Persona 5 Streaming Restriction, Outlast 2, PUBG, Prey and more!

On this edition of The Codec, we settle down into a general discussion including our thoughts on just what’s wrong with Outlast 2, Atlus and Persona 5’s ridiculous streaming restrictions, Ronin’s thoughts on NieR Automata, […]

Kingdom Hearts and Unexplored! What the D-Pad Gaming News #18

Travis attempts to summarize the most insane plot points of the Kingdom Hearts franchise after this week’s trailer drop, and then gushes about Iconoclasts, as Ryan does so about Unexplored. Alex drops in for a […]

[Gaming News] Is The Lizard Squad At It Again?

Phantom Squad has taken over as the Christmas Grinch of the internet. Links: Tutorial Channel: Steam Group: Twitter: facebook: Twitch: Credits: Intro Music: 8-Bit March by Twin Musicom is licensed […]

Gaming News April 6th 2017: Xbox Scorpio specs revealed, Persona 5 streaming, PS VR and more

News highlights from the video game industry: Xbox Scorpio specs revealed (around 3 minutes in the video), Persona 5, Nintendo Switch, Playstation VR and more… source

Windows 10 Cross Platform Gaming (News and Opinion)

Microsoft will release Windows 10 shortly which should be welcome news for Xbox and PC Gamers. The gameplay is Call of Duty Advanced Warfare which will assist in explaining some of the challenges of this […]