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LevelCap’s Lego Channel:

Star Citizen Alpha 3.2 Overview:


Destiny 2 Forsaken’s preorder and deluxe edition bonuses

No, GTA 6 is not coming in 2019, says Rockstar after GTA Online hoax

Left 4 Dead devs hiring for a sequel to “globally-known franchise”

Test Server Patch Notes – Thursday June 5th from Rainbow6TTS

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds unleashes close-combat team deathmatch on Sanhok tomorrow

We made Mario Kart in Fortnite from FortNiteBR

Fortnite landmarks vanishing as cracks in the sky grow


Mario Bava Sleeps In a Little Later Than He Expected To by Chris Zabriskie is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (


Weapon Stats:

Computer Hardware:
Acer Monitor:
Headphones ATH-700X:



45 thoughts on “Cheaters Get Hacked! – This Week in Gaming | FPS News”

  1. Thanks so much to Harvok Hackers for helping me hack into my husband's phone so I could see what he is up to and I was able to catch him red handed, now I am out and a lot happier credit goes to the earlier mentioned hacker for a good job. If you are also interested in any sort of hack job….email me later

  2. I'd love to be smart enough to write cheats, I'd make it spaz out and do random things in game so it fucks you like constantly injecting an already known signature that's on VAC and the complete opposite of memory clean for VRam so graphics cards just get crazy hot, turn CPU fans off and stuff you might not notice while you're gaming. After running for an hour it could delete windows.bat or something hilariously similar ๐Ÿ˜

    Edit: Also, I'd sell it for like ยฃ40 a month with tons of fake reviews on my website so people think it's amazing

  3. Bottom line if it's an EA game don't waste your money on it, they do not deserve a cent from anyone given how they conduct business and treat players/customers. Also HAHA at the hacked cheaters xD

  4. What are they doing – Just make Left 4 dead 3 for Next Gen Consoles. I mean really. WTF.

    They blew and lost so much money rather than just giving people what they wanted. Another left for dead with updated graphics and animations for next Gen. Is that so hard?

  5. A quick note on the optimisation issue, it is still an alpha optimisation will come during the beta phase. Though there are obvious tweaks to be made in the alpha its purely for testing and implementation or at least thats usually the purpose of an alpha.

  6. Have you seen the state of battlefield 1 pc . There are so many cheaters on pc version. It's out of control. Battlefield 5 will be the same it's a disgrace how the big reviewer are not telling how there fans how bad it is just disgusting

  7. loadout series?

    if you do here is one for bf1

    The ghost

    Enfield Suppressed
    1911 Suppressed
    Melee: A knife of your choosing.
    Grenade: none

    Gadget 1 and 2

    Trench periscope and sniper shield

    Carefull of the glare the scope gives off!

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