DAWN OF MAN Ep. 10 – BIGGEST HARVEST, STONE WALL BUILD | Prehistoric City Building Survival Gameplay


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34 thoughts on “DAWN OF MAN Ep. 10 – BIGGEST HARVEST, STONE WALL BUILD | Prehistoric City Building Survival Gameplay”

  1. Love your videos bro.. I watch @Zerkaa and he made a video about this game so I searched for this game and came across your channel.. Man I just can't get enough lol love your content. Good luck with this channel bro

  2. You were getting the swords because "swordmaking" is only required for bronze and better quality swords (read the tech's tooltip). If you check your metalsmith you'll see that with your "lets make 2 of everything" moves every now and then you have been making copper swords. Also, read up on production limits(the bottom scale on "work site flags"): you're not stockpiling large amouts of logs, stone, mud and probably more stuff, because you let the production limits sit at the default 10, so as soon as you have those 10 in store, people will go do other stuff again, till it sinks underneath the limit.

  3. You could probably get away with 2 flax fields, about 1/3 is being left out in the fields. As well I think that putting a couple of more hay piles near the fields would aid in gathering it more quickly and efficiently in the fall, then they could take it to the animals in the winter as it is needed.

  4. .. I'd rather fight a dude with a sickle than a spearman;sickles suck at slashing, are awkward, would break against any sort of shield and possibly even leather armor as well as shattering against amy sort of metal weapon, and can't be used at all for thrusting or piercing attacks.

  5. Why are you putting your stone storage so far away from the places that needs stone? Making your people walk back and forth across the map makes everything take forever to build, tires your people out and wastes resources. Build your storage near where it needs to be and then recycle it when they are done. It probably is why people are working on lower priority commands, it's closer and easier for them.

  6. You can set limits on the production of tools in the limits panel by pressing "F4", you can also set limits on the amount of animals your civ will keep and once the population of animals go beyond the set limit they will slaughter them till the animal pop is at or just below the set limit. This helps in reducing the consumption of straw throughout the year.

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