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IS DEAD ISLAND 2 BEING CANCELLED! find out in this video.
Dont take my word for it guys, this game may still be released but this is the latest news i have on the development of the game.


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12 thoughts on “DEAD ISLAND 2 BEING CANCELLED?! – Gaming News”

  1. Pretty sure the devs confirmed that they're still working on the game and that the steam thing is nothing to worry about. My theory is they're likely just reworking the page to potentially add any new information/rebranding that has occurred ever since the new devs have taken over, to prepare for a possible announcement regarding the game's status. I guess we'll see within in the next few days if Deep Silver has any Dead Island 2 info they're planning to show us at Gamescom 2016.

  2. Anything can get canceled at anytime just look at fable legions looked just about done with a nice fan base looking forward to it then prof canceled

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