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DsPgaming–“ask the pig”-driver’s license–trolls bite–revealing the past–I already changed



  1. Do I hate dsp no I don't I think he does stupid shit and I also don't pray for his downfall but I do know it's going to happen and I think that downfall needs to happen to teach him a lesson let's be real he's been around the Internet for way too long has not made a change at all by the time that change happens it's too late everybody else have done it by then but in his bubble he thinks he's succeeding but in reality he's not even in that safety box of his the opportunities are drying up if he took advantage of those opportunities his channel what is been in the millions subscriber market by now but no he doesn't want to change he doesn't want to make a few adjustments to save his business that's why the business continues to fail his pre-streams are really irritating he's not entertaining his game plays are boring as fuck he goes through the game quickly without reading the tutorial's he falls asleep through game plays he constantly looks at the chat for donations which is really stupid that tells you dsp is not a real gamer real gamers play games for fun not for profit and this 10 year legacy garbage that needs to stop here's the cold hard truth dsp here is your real legacy stabbing your friends in the back scanning your fans and begging for money that's your legacy and you're somehow proud of it you gotta be kidding me if that was me I would've been embarrassed ashamed disappointed and I would've done everything to fix it and start over but you let's be real you have no intention of doing that dsp because you are to lazy to try and make everything right you are too lazy to try and change the future you are too lazy to do anything with your life you are 36 years old and what do you do sit on your ass playing video games for a living and begging kids for money but yet in that delusional mind of yours you think that your successful that you are on the top will spoilers you're not successful the reason Dave is surviving right now is by the generosity of others and twitch but what's going to happen when twitch decides to drop Dave which I know that's going to happen it will of eventually happen and when it does then what he'll have no choice but to go back to YouTube here's the thing Dave it's time for you to retire you are a old obsolete relic that refuses to get with the times you had your taste of fame you had wealth you had it all and then you flush it down the drain you could've talking that money and invested or at least put some away you could've been set for life Dave but unfortunately you took that money and you spent it on stupid shit now look at you sitting on a loveseat and wanting others to help support your financial situation for bills that they don't pay for for a house that they don't live in that only work for so many times but of eventually that's gonna blow up in your face this is what you are use to people donating for somebody that doesn't appreciate them and instead of getting up from his lazy ass and trying to find a job and trying to fix his financial problems you want others to do that for you that can only get you so far what do you have left a so-called girlfriend and twitch just like those two partnerships that dropped your ass twitch is going to do the same thing and when that happens you're done this is why putting your eggs into one basket is not a good idea there are other ways to make money on the Internet those options are there it's not just twitch and YouTube there are other options out there to make money on the Internet you just won't do it because that's going to take time and effort which you don't want to do how unfortunate enjoy twitch wow it lasts because when that day comes when they drop you that's where the real downfall begins

  2. It's really telling how bitter he is towards Japanese players and how he doesn't understand how to network. Doing a favor for someone like Daigo or Tokido could pay dividends,but he just sees dollar signs without understanding the value of helping out others in the community he was also in. Which is why he's a laughingstock and got ran out of it

  3. instead going back 10 years gtg needs a time machine and go back to the time where his parents decide to have an embarrassment of a child and show them the video of what he thinks about his parents all because he didn't get a wolverine toy

  4. Hey, GTG, what breed are you? You look so adorable!

    This train wreck on a boat sure is entertaining. If you have some popcorn, better pop a bowl the size of a football stadium. (American prefered.)

  5. When DSP is talking about negative convention experiences, it's weird that he doesn't mention the fighting game tournament where a group of guys were hunting him down to beat the shit out of him, and he hid from them until someone else talked them down. I know I'd consider that a negative experience if that happened to me.

  6. I never understood the mentallity of someone who's like , i have to watch everything Phil does.
    People are saying that i'm putting out to much content , well then don't watch everything and watch what you want to watch.
    But didn't Phil advocate or (dictate) that people needed to watch the streams , donate , tip , cheer and watch the youtube content during his begging sprees?
    Didn't Phil guilt trip his viewers into watching his pokemon moon streams?

    Oh , whoops.
    Didn't Phil quit games because of low attendance? Nah can't be , he's the realest MF on the internet. Just like how he never ragequit a game in his "career".

    Sadly there's people , who , who are actual moral , good , people who just don't like me and then you've got the nutjobs. And the nutjobs will just , fucking , go after you no matter what.
    And if you get into their world , you'll never get out , they'll find and permiate shit , they'll find out where you work and call and harrass your fucking job , they'll attack your social media.
    They'll find out your personal accounts and hack your fucking e-mails & shit.
    And that's what you gotta be careful of , if you engage someone and actively engage a negative community , like this is what they do , this is what they're known for? You gotta be very careful about you're own personal stuff , because the last thing you want to do is open pandora's box and fuck off DSP , you pedantic piece of trash , shut the fuck up and let me reply.
    Sadly these things tend to happen , sadly these things tend to happen when some "unhinged" individual steps into a community and starts something , going as far as to threaten to kill a guy and his entire family. That kinda says something about that guy , doesn't it? Well , sadly that guy was from your side of the field Phil , you imbecile.
    That guy was a product of Phil's negative/toxic/pestilence of a community and he can't blame other people for preparing to or for retalliating , certainly not when his shenanigans were the cause of it all. And certainly not when threats were made of that scope.
    His White Knight in shining armor , his biggest supporter , both on a financial and social level. A man that was conditioned to believe that Phil was always right , that Phil was something he simply isn't. With a Youtube legacy of hate towards everything and everyone. A legacy that indoctrinated people into believing that his fucked up mentality and his mannerisms was how one is supposed to address not just the world , but life itself.
    Is it any wonder that he has detractors , is it any wonder that people speak out against him?
    There he sits , atop his 10 year legacy of smoldering shit. Blaming us and the people over at Kiwi Farms for what happened. Instead of his progeny. Instead of his creation.
    How many years have people said that he should tone it down , that people look up to him and that his video's have a negative influence on people?
    "you can't play god and then wash your hands on the things that you've created." William Adama , Battlestar Galactica.

  7. Dave has changed but for the worse, much worse and for him it only goes downhill. I remember back when he started with his camera pointed to tv (from the side no less) he wasn't burping or snorting that much and he was actually talking (was still shit but yeah). Nowadays its burp, snort, I died game/devs are shit. Hell, sometimes its even hard to watch those filtered THYDP on Soma's channel. How can someone watch his stuff unfiltered and for hours on his stream is beyond me. It defies logic 🙂

  8. Lol DSP said that the (parents?) of his fans said that they don't like the harsh truth, err .. I mean, the "insults" in his comment section so he disabled the YouTube comments.

  9. I hate phil and hope he gets shot in the head. Such an ugly disgusting creature that shouldnt exist. Whatever ethnic group this ugly thing belongs to they owe the rest of mankind an apology for making parasitic, pathological lying, creatures like this.

  10. I think Phil's dinner story just shows his paranoia and ego when it came to his friends. When he got money, he didn't want anyone to come near it or touch it which is why he didn't wanna pay those Project 7 folks.

  11. hes definitely out of his fuckin mind. no way in any shape or form of hell will i ever give him a chance, unless he gets a REAL.9 – 5 & gives up that stream bs. then just maybe id consider it.

    i rather giv pewds another shot long before his greasy ass

  12. Man, this one was filled with hypocrisy and downright delusion on Phil's part. Btw I remember your coverage of the Thanksgiving arc and you made the best sermon relating to Phil and the apostles. I stand by what I said, you should think about becoming a pastor. Also, Iove when you just take off the collar and just roast DSP. It's my favorite part, because I know you are ignoring the telemonitor and are just ranting. Thank you for everything that you do. Your videos are the best. Great work as always my dude. Keep it up!

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