EVERYTHING STAR WARS – August 2018 Movie & Gaming News Roundup!

New Episode IX details, Battlefront 2 roadmap, Embo in Galaxy of Heroes and a lot more in Star Wars news August 2018.
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41 thoughts on “EVERYTHING STAR WARS – August 2018 Movie & Gaming News Roundup!”

  1. Why isn't EA making the skins so that you can unlock them only by paying real money? I don't think a lot of people would mind that and EA could get more money for the game developement.

  2. Skins were crap to be honest. What I would have done was:
    41st Reconnaissance Corps:
    Assault: Swamp scout trooper (Most seen on Kashyyyk in RotS)
    Heavy: Regular armor with camo (nothing would change from what we already have)
    Specialist: Swamp ARF trooper (Seen patrolling on AT-RT's on Kashyyyk in RotS)

    327th Star Corps.
    Assault: Regular clone with accurate yellow markings
    Heavy: accurate markings and custom kamas and armor
    Specialist: accurate markings and custom kamas and armor

  3. @4:00, then what is the point of this service if Disney can't have ALL Disney movies? They'll buy Fox, so there they have episode 4. All other episodes they should be able to do whatever they want with them.

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