Fallout 76 PC Beta Launch Fail | DB Gaming News

The Fallout 76 PC Beta is off to a bad start after a major issue has been caused by the Bethesda Launcher
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8 thoughts on “Fallout 76 PC Beta Launch Fail | DB Gaming News”

  1. The one big thing that the player base ask for, FOR YEARS was an OPTIONAL 2-4 man co-op mode (peer to peer or hosted) with the base game being the same, (with instanced looting maybe for co-op mode)..  That's about it, then Fallout 4 gave us a gimped story mode with no consiquences for our decisions or actions, oh and base building..  Bethesda game bugs have been an issue that was tolerated by everyone because it was par for the course, but the player base did NOT ask for a new gimped story mode, reskinned Fallout 4 mod that tethers you to the internet at all times…   NOPE, gonna pass, I will spend my money somewhere else. Fallout 76 really looks like a free to play title with a $60.00 price tag and promised microtransactions.

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