FPS Gaming News: Overwatch Anniversary event / Black Ops DLC 5 / Prey Speed run / Quake Champions

FPS Gaming news is a first person focused round-up of everything that’s happened in the past couple of weeks of April 2017.

Here are the timestamps for each topic:

00:36 Call of Duty
03:28 Prey
04:08 Paladins
04:48 Overwatch
05:58 Quake Champions

Goukigod site

Black Ops 3 DLC 5

Prey speed run

Prey Forbes article

Overwatch Aneversary event and game of the year

Overwatch: Anniversary event, GOTY edition and free weekend all confirmed

TotalBiscuit thoughts on Quake Champions

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6 thoughts on “FPS Gaming News: Overwatch Anniversary event / Black Ops DLC 5 / Prey Speed run / Quake Champions”

  1. Started watching your video's mainly because of your awesome GTA real life car builds a few years ago. Then really started enjoying all your other content too. And now this gaming news stuff you're doing is really top notch!! It's a great addition to a great channel

  2. I'm hoping that Quake turns out to be good. I for one do like the changes and have also seen Totalbiscuit's video on the beta, if anything this will introduce the new generation to the old series like Id did with Doom and add new gameplay mechanics to help modernize the series. Hopefully the multiplayer becomes better as Doom's Hack Modules and Demon Runes didn't made it competitive. Can't wait to try out the beefier dudes since I'm not that good with jump strafing lol.

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