Gaming News: Gamescom 2018! NVidia NEXT GEN CARDS! CYBERPUNK 2077 ART! Fallout 76 NEW Trailer!

Please enjoy Episode 6 of my weekly comedy gaming news series!

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36 thoughts on “Gaming News: Gamescom 2018! NVidia NEXT GEN CARDS! CYBERPUNK 2077 ART! Fallout 76 NEW Trailer!”

  1. Really good to see her expand out with her little news show hope she keeps it up and shows more of her gaming interests outside of FFXIV cause she for sure has the charisma to pull it off

  2. Id skip buying the 2k Nvidia cards for now and wait for the next gen until Nvidia can work out the kinks. The 1080 TI only costs $500 now and its still a monster of a card and a killer deal. Ray Tracing is just another fancy feature you really dont need, must like just switching off SSAO, sure the graphics will take a hit but the game will still look decent.

  3. I think this is my favorite and the funniest gaming news video yet. I like how relaxed it felt, and while the puns were bad the delivery was flawless lol πŸ˜€

    Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAAAY!! Hope you have an awesome day ^^

  4. @1:31 i knew it was going to be a butt commentary the moment i heard monsters uni. honestly that scene was hilarious. This was one movie i was happy m nephew spammed. XD

    keep up with with the booty beauty commentary πŸ˜€ as i enjoy the butt of every joke you make.

    also happy b-day.

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