Gaming News In 60 Seconds

battlefield V, dark souls remastered, dauntless, overwatch anniversary – some gaming news in 60 seconds
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ES_At The Sky Bar 6 – Anders Göransson
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game in the background: the surge


33 thoughts on “Gaming News In 60 Seconds”

  1. I enjoy Gameranx news and I gotta say that you changing it up on your channel with some gaming news related videos is a breath of fresh air! I would like to see more from you in this area. Maybe hitting on some news that isn't widely known in the gaming community. Video game releases on big titles are widely popular and seen all over the world. Things like the beta that you talked about. That is something I haven't heard yet. Probably because I'm not interested in that game so i haven't followed it. All the same though it was interesting to hear about it. I would try to talk about stuff most of the community wouldn't be aware of and that will definitely make your channel shine in the gaming news area.

  2. I wouldn’t recommend dauntless to anyone except if you have friends to play it with. Its a really team oriented game and when I used to play it(5 months ago) there wasnt any way to communicate with your team so I played only when my friends were playing but they eventually stopped because they got bored and I stopped too.

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