HOW TO Connect the New 3DS to the TV / PC / MAC – KATSUKITY Capture Card REVIEW!

Are you wondering how to connect the 3DS to the TV or to the computer? Well, don’t wonder no more! Here’s a review of the Katsukity Capture Card for the New 3DS!
Some of you may also know this capture card as Nisetoro Capture from Keity’s Game Direct Shop.
This capture card will allow you to play the 3DS on your HD TV, PC o MAC, or to Stream your 3DS gameplays to Twicth.


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1:05 Katsukity’s workshop
2:10 How it works
3:54 Gameplay
5:09 Inside view
6:45 Closing

So as many people think, the mod doesn’t get you an HDMI output for the 3DS. It’s an USB output that is installed on the 3DS. It’s designed to be used with a special software you install on your computer, either a PC with Windows or a Mac. Yes, katsukity capture card is compatible with a Mac. This Video Capture Card for the New 3ds will allow you to video capture and record some gampeplays on your PC or MAC.

So in this review of the Katsukity Capture Kit, I’ll show you the different options of the software (it’s called new3ds_view) that let you arrange the screens as you like. You can get the upper and lower screens, just the upper or the lower one, you can rotate the screens, etc.
By default it outputs a framerate of 60 FPS; but you can force it down to 30 FPS.
The USB port is a standard micro USB, and the cables are included.

So is this Katsukity Capture Card worth it? Well, at 200€ it’s not cheap, but if you want to play on the TV or the computer, or you want to record some gameplays, at the moment, there are no other ways to do it, at least that I know.

So yes, the Katsukity mod costs around 200€, including the install work and the hardware. It’s not cheasp but if you take a look at the inside you’ll understand why. There’s lots os soldering involved so if you’re not skilled, it’s better to get it done by Katsukity directly.

I’m not sure if it handles 3D on the computer. I saw an option to output anaglyph images, but I didn’t test it.

So power up you New Nintendo 3DS with Katsukity Capture Card and play on your HD TV or record some gameplays!

Here’s the website with all the information:
Here you can dowload the software:

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42 thoughts on “HOW TO Connect the New 3DS to the TV / PC / MAC – KATSUKITY Capture Card REVIEW!”

  1. I just don’t know why there isn’t an hdmi adapter for 3ds, that way you can plug it into Elgato, that would be way easier than all this modification expensive stuff

  2. Vale pavo y si haces los vídeos en español? O catalán…porque llamándote Jordi… inglés no eres y americano tampoco… Así que igual también estaría bien que los compatriotas te entendiéramos. La pronunciación te delata colega.

  3. This is not how you connect it, its first modifiying your console at a store, then all you need is a simple cable, this is all just clickbait the title is so wrong. oh and wainting to connect…….

  4. I have same one!
    We call it as “Nisetoro Capture(偽トロキャプチャ)” in Japanese.

    I recorded Pokémon Ultra Moon’s last battle and end credits because we can watch them only once.

  5. At the very beginning of this guide, you show yourself plugging a cord into something on your newer 3DS next to those two little holes on the left side. But…mine doesn't have that thing right there to plug a cord into.

    I have so many questions lol, how did that get there exactly? Where that input is supposed to be, my newer 3DS XL has…nothing.

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