HUGE STAR WARS GAMING NEWS COMING TOMORROW! – What Trailers To Expect! (EAPlay2018 + Official Times)

EAPLAY’s Battlefront 2 Livestream is TOMORROW, and some MAJOR Star Wars Gaming News is potentially just hours away! Today I look at what we’re probably going to get for Battlefront 2, Respawns Star Wars Game, Season 3 Clone Wars DLC and More!

In this episode I talk about:
Battlefront 2 Season 3
Star Wars Gaming News
Star Wars Games EAPlay
Battlefront 2 EAPlay
EAPlay Star Wars

May The Force Be With You!

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I cover all news on everything Star Wars gaming ranging from Star Wars Battlefront 2, the Last Jedi DLC and Season 2 of Free DLC and Instant Action news / Season pass content and other Star Wars games such as the Respawn Entertainment Star Wars Game (potential open world) to other star wars games!


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19 thoughts on “HUGE STAR WARS GAMING NEWS COMING TOMORROW! – What Trailers To Expect! (EAPlay2018 + Official Times)”

  1. If there is no season three talk, Battlefront is officially dead. But now I really doubt it. I don't really think that we're getting gameplay of Geonosis, but some look at concept arts and/or early look at what the map will look like, would really give the community some hope back they lost over the last couple of months. And then there is that one thing, that I so desperatly want to see at EA Play… Some form of conquest and a "real" squad system. If they can show that, I will consider Battlefront II as saved. Please make Star Wars Battlefront great again.

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