MASSIVE PS5 Rumors with Specs, HUGE Unannounced NEW Switch Games? | #RGTNEWS

The PS5 Rumors and PS5 specs are flowing in, Xbox One gets a BUNCH of backwards compatible original Xbox Games, and some BIG unannounced Switch games are coming in 2018? All that and more in #RGTNEWS

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23 thoughts on “MASSIVE PS5 Rumors with Specs, HUGE Unannounced NEW Switch Games? | #RGTNEWS”

  1. I just hope the difference is really β€˜next gen’ and not a ps2.3 or ps2.4 which i think the ps3 and ps4 are look at the difference between ps1 and ps2 that was huge all the others are crap

  2. According to the Gamestop listing for the Switch Version of MM X Legacy Collection 1 and 2, the box art doesn't have that download required at the top

    And your right sorry RGT thought because the box art didn't have that download notification at the top that Capcom learned their lesson. Guess not

  3. Yo RGT 85 wassup bro. I am wondering if the PS5 specs leaked if they are real, are just the Dev Kits like Jon(SW) is thinking. Hackers has been the business with back up saves but hopefully Nintendo will sort it out asap. Xbox back up on OG games is awesome so i do hope Sony n Nintendo gets their back up games sorted out. Yokai-Watch 4 is defo gonna be huge but the Localisation has too be done in a timely fashion n bring it over quickly. The X Collections are looking quality i will still probably get the physical versions on the Switch just nice too have the box as a collectors item, at least they are small downloads not taking up much space on your storage. It is sounding exciting figuring out which unannounced games could be coming, could GTAV n FortNite be coming guys ?

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