MasterBox Lite 3.1 mATX Case with Dark Mirror Front, Acrylic side panel, Customizable trim colors

Cooler Master PC Case
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Amazon Price: $42.99 $37.99 You save: $5.00 (12%). (as of April 21, 2018 5:02 am – Details). Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the Amazon site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

The MasterBox Lite 3.1 mATX Case is your straightforward option for your PC build that doesn’t ignore good looks, customization, or performance. A sleek Dark Mirror front panel and three custom trim colors (included in the box) offer a great first entry point for customization. The interior features a nice black coating that allows you to create an great and clean build. Additionally, it comes with an edge to edge transparent acrylic side panel to show your internal components. And with support for up to 3 cooling fans and a water-cooling system, we ensure your performance will not suffer.

Customer Reviews

The screws are in a hard drive bay!

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 on January 22, 2016
By Ramil Nobleza
Just finished a build with this case. tl;dr: It’s great*.

Cooler Master Elite 130 – Mini-ITX Computer Case

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 on July 6, 2017
By D_Bagggg
Cooler Master Elite 130 – Mini-ITX Computer Case

Great case, small problem with trim

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 on February 25, 2018
By Crazycucumbers
This is an excellent budget case. Having never built a computer before, I wanted something that looked good and had good options for future upgrades and such. The case looks really really good, and is very spacious. The reason it isn’t 5 stars, however, is because of the trim. When I tried to change the trim color from red, the other trims (specifically the one for the top of the panel) refused to snap into place, as it was too long. This was the case with both the white and black trims. I had to take a knife and keep shaving plastic off the ends until it fit. This was more of an annoyance than anything, but it was still something I don’t feel should have happened. The cable management is a little lacking, it took me quite a bit of effort to get the back panel on even though the cables were as well managed as I could make them. There’s much less room than you probably think. There is a decent amount of room for data storage but be aware there is only room for a single SSD without buying a 3.5 to 2.5 inch adapter. The front of the case has room for 2 120mm fans, but be aware that their airflow is limited, given the front panel prevents free airflow. Overall this is an excellent case. I would definitely recommend it to people who want a great case functionally and visually on a budget

50$ for this case is crazy…

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 on October 13, 2017
By ben hutson
Sweet case and the price is nice.

Tight Fit

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 on February 5, 2017
By jjmmssmy
This is a great case, but I think it is for someone who likes to tinker, has some time, and is not afraid of a little trial and error. I used a lot of cable ties and also waisted a lot. It took me a long time to put this computer together over several days, and was much more challenging than building using a standard big box. I uses a modular power supply which I recommend as it reduces the number of power supply cables in the build, and also allows one to work in the cable routing without having the supply installed. I decided to remove the small fan as it seemed too small to do much and it required a separate power supply cable (old style parallel ATA drive connector). The case came with the cheaper fixed speed fan in the front (also PATA power cable). I replaced this fan with a speed controlled fan that connects to my mother board. I recommend getting a screw driver that has a powerful magnetic attraction, as I waisted a lot of time fishing out dropped screws. Note, I have a very low power i5 6000 chip that reduces the need for MB cooling.

A class leader for anyone that wants cooling options without too many vanity features.

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 on June 20, 2016
By kbulgrien
While I love the product, I find it silly that the manufacturer did not include the tool-less drive retention hardware for all the drive bays. The last mid-tower I bought with this quantity of drive bays had the drive latching hardware for all drive bays. This case included latches for only the bays that might be considered “typically” populated, but I bought the case knowing that I wanted to populate quite a few more than this, so now I have to either try to order the hardware separately or use screws despite the fact that one of the selling points I considered was the tool-less design.

The hard drive trays are one of the best features about this case

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 on January 8, 2017
By Erich Rogers
This thing is a behemoth! I’d read other reviews and knew it would be big but holy mackerel! I plan on doing a Kaby Lake build in this thing and it has ample room for an ATXE mobo and the biggest video cards out there. I’m not a rabid overclocker and had planned on using standard air cooling but with all the extra room in this case I am seriously considering putting a AIO closed loop CPU water cooling solution in the case. There is plenty of room for it. The hard drive trays are one of the best features about this case. There are plenty of them and they are tool-less. I think the front panel sliding cover thing is a little goofy but nothing says I can’t leave it open all the time. I’ll have to actually use it and see how it works out. The massive rails on top and bottom will come in very handy. The case is heavy as it is and I’m sure, once everything is installed, it will be a lot heavier. The rails will make it easier to move about. The build quality is outstanding. Everything is solid and nothing flimsy. The front panel connectors are just about what one expects from case this size with this many features, a rats nest, but I expected that considering what this case has to offer. Overall I am very satisfied with the case. Is it overkill for most builds? Absolutely! But, the room this case provides offers a lot of flexibility in doing a build.

Five Stars

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 on May 27, 2017
By troy sadler
love this case

The side panel is very clear and beautiful and works great if you want to insert an …

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 on February 24, 2017
By Ryan
This tower is definitely heavy (around 32LBs with packing material!) – but rightfully so at a completely full size tower. The side panel is very clear and beautiful and works great if you want to insert an RGB strip or two like 

Masterbox 5 Review (since Amazon can’t be bothered to fix and separate different models)

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 on October 10, 2016
By Ruck
The masterbox 5 is simply the best case on the market due to its price performance ratio. The build quality is impressive for its price range, and because its semi-modular, the flexability it provides is unparallel.

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