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– The Nintendo Creators Program is ending but new guidelines have been put in place to continue to moderate some content including Nintendo’s IPs

– Senator Maggie Hassan has enlisted the United States Federal Trade Commission to begin a thorough investigation into loot boxes in videos games and its link to gambling. LINK:

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2 thoughts on “Nintendo Creators Program Is Ending And Changes Guidelines| Bombchu Gaming News”

  1. I remember some YouTubers saying they would no longer cover Nintendo products because of the copyright strikes. It seemed like any time they used any material of any sort their channel could get into trouble.
    On the subject of lootboxes I think game publishers are trying to skirt the law by focusing more on the mobile platform. I think this will alienate their customer base and at best only buy them a few more years in which they can prey on the whales and those who fall for the Skinner box manipulation.

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