No Conan Dicks on Xbox One? – Gaming News

If you thought you’d have fun making sweet dick videos in Cona Exiles for your Xbox One, we have bad news for you.

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Hosted and written by: Phil Jasicki and Shane Burress


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28 thoughts on “No Conan Dicks on Xbox One? – Gaming News”

  1. it is Bill Gates and his Crew behind this – he is a Circumcision Warmonger and supports Circumcisions Campaigns in Africa. But there are no circumcised Dicks in Conan Exiles hehe. They were simply afraid of the cultural impact. And if not Gates then its the countless Circumcision Lobbyists responsible.
    I love Game of Thrones for that – the show dick after Dick and ever single one was a healthy intact one.
    And the american Audience get a knock on the Head every Single Time , haha. It is like the Truth that got bricked behind a Wall and slowly with a Spoon scratches itself back to freedom. Slowly, patient, and unstoppable

  2. This sounds like a fake story to me, dicks in games is a rarity but nothing new.

    Anyone remember Dante's inferno on 360 and ps3? Satan's cock was flopping about both in cutscenes and in the final boss fight itself.

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