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LevelCap’s Lego Channel:


Islands of Nyne: the fast-paced battle royale shooter for people who don’t like Fortnite

The Culling 2 removed from sale following an unsuccessful launch – The Culling 1.0 re-released

Fortnite maker Epic Games beefs up its Unreal game engine in new update

Retro FPS Ion Maiden slips into 2019, adds multiplayer

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Para Bellum mid-season patch brings major balance changes to many operators


Mario Bava Sleeps In a Little Later Than He Expected To by Chris Zabriskie is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (


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30 thoughts on “No Man’s Sky Comeback? – This Week in Gaming | FPS News”

  1. I am actually amazed by NMS. I didnt pre order it the start because I expected something like what happened but I was really hyped about it still.
    I bought it yesterday and I have been playing with a friend, and damn I had so much fun!

  2. Great custom matches that never start because no one joins xD Also fuck Metal Rain. We shot 2 flares in two seperate games and didnt get an airdrop.

  3. How did the vigil get behind the buck I played it back almost 30 times at .25 of the speed and there's no way he could've gotten there. Buck walks out and takes a turn you can see he's not on the staircase any where and then buck begins to walk up the staircase while slowly turning to the right while along the left rail, this doesn't allow for anyone to come from the top of the stairs to get behind him and it doesn't allow anyone from below to walk past him to get behind him….

    So the question still stands…
    Did LevelCap just meme on a hacker?

  4. Bummed about Alan Wake. The gameplay wasn't the best, but the games were beautiful and the story was pretty damn cool. I would have loved to explore more of that world.

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