OPEN WORLD Star Wars Game News Update! – Star Wars Gaming News

The OPEN WORLD Star Wars Game has a news update! We have a little bit of info about the upcoming open world Star Wars game in this gaming news video.
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30 thoughts on “OPEN WORLD Star Wars Game News Update! – Star Wars Gaming News”

  1. A galaxy wide free roam open world, you could go anywere do anything and everything changes for ex: a cannon rebel vs empire battle occurs and you can either see and fight or explore the wreckage and to be able to chose your era of preference…
    You can as anyone like anakin or luke or obi wan ANYONE or create a character maybe..? But atleast everyone that is cannon or legends…
    Chose to be a jedi, smuggler, or sith etc…
    I hope that is what they are developing honestly.

  2. Imagine a Rockstar Star Wars game……

    GTA & Star Wars = AWESOME!!!!

    Drag a moisture farmer out of his speeder
    Avoiding stormtroopers
    Doing jobs for Jabba
    Drinking in the cantina
    Banging Leia…..

    What? I bet you were thinking it aswell……

  3. “Who wants engaging linear Star Wars games when we can have a multiplayer open world were people have to pay money for micro transactions and loot boxes?!” This will be my senior quote.

  4. I would like to see a skyrim level of detail open world with multiple worlds to explore (obviously not full sized) and side quests with a good amount of choice throughout it and maybe even the ability to start a jedi temple or even a sith one where you can travel throughout and look for any survivors of order 66 or even force sensitive children to recruit and try to build a whole base but then as you get a bigger group you begin to attract attention from the empire. If this game was done right with a nice combat system and those type of mechanics it would probably be one of the best star wars games there is. Though if they could only do one thing great I would want to have a good open world to explore with great side quests.

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