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Overwatch Lore fans, good times are ahead! With the news that a new writer (Alyssa Wong) and artist (Nesskain) have been hired to the Overwatch team and Blizzard respectively, discover why this could be great news for us Overwatch Lore and story fans! Gamescom 2018 is coming up soon, which usually brings an Animated Short and New Overwatch Map – I have a think about what we could see this August, and it’s going to be gLoreious! 😀 Timecodes in description to skip

Overwatch Lore fans – great news! The Overwatch Team Writer position has been filled, and Alyssa Wong is the lucky person getting stuck into the Overwatch Universe along with Michael Chu! For Art fans, Nesskain has also recently revealed that he’ll be joining Blizzard. I explain why these bits of news are potentially GREAT news for Overwatch Lore, and look forward to Gamescom and what we might see in terms of a new Overwatch Animated Short and Overwatch New Map there too!


0:48 – Alyssa Wong, a new writer to the Overwatch Team!

1:36 – Alyssa has won a Nebula Award – why these are a big deal!Examples of her short stories/previous work, and why her/another writer joining the team is a good thing for Overwatch Lore fans!

4:22 – Nesskain joins Blizzard – where you’ve seen his Overwatch Art, *many* times before!

5:28 – Overwatch Gamescom 2018 – why August will be a good month for Overwatch Lore! 🙂

Do check out Alyssa’s Nebula Award winning short story – it’s awesome! Links to her work and Nesskain below!


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Alyssa Wong – http://www.nightmare-magazine.com/fiction/hungry-daughters-of-starving-mothers/

Nesskain – https://www.deviantart.com/nesskain/



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30 thoughts on “Overwatch Lore News – NEW Writer + Artist Join Team, Gamescom Speculation! | Hammeh”

  1. Are you more optimistic for Overwatch Lore, with the news of extra, talented support to help create more Overwatch stories and tales? 😀
    I think this August is going to be a GREAT time for Overwatch Lore – GamesCom always has lots of good announcements and news! Do let me know what you think we might see for a new map or new Animated short in the comments….here's hoping for Utopoeia! 😀


  2. I would love for an Amari short this gamescom tbh.
    Hope to see some actual lore, since the tidbits we've gotten in the past two years have not only been disappointing but rather.. unprofessional? Like they dont even care about their own universe lol

  3. I'd love to see a vishkar map. As for animated shorts i think it's about time Mercy's got one, she's popular. maybe it can tell the story of the Swiss headquarters explosion from her perspective. (i know she may not have been there but come on, its the Swiss headquarters.)

  4. I’m hoping it’s a lore that doesn’t fully revolve around characters and their personal lives. I want more lore on countries and their response to the crisis. I mean, fantastic with Tracer in 2016! But, does it help pull the story forward? No, and Emily doesn’t feel like a part of the story. To me, every character in a story needs an important purpose. I think she needs more than just “ the girlfriend of a character” arc. I would love for Emily to maybe be a secret agent for Talon! It would spice things up a little and make the story more fun.

  5. THANK GOD A NEW WRITER! AND A WOMAN! I got nothing against Michael Chu, but it’s awesome to see successful women in big companies like blizzard, let alone a woman of color. Let’s pray she’s good and improves the lore y’all lmao.

  6. I got excited when I read "lore news" and you included zenyatta in the thumbnail…. Disappointed nothing was here for him confirmed…. I'll still keep my fingers crossed for the future~

  7. I really don't think the amount of hate Michael Chu is getting is fair. Just because he is the lead writer doesn't mean that he gets to decide when his and his coworkers get to release their work. He clearly has his job for a reason and people need to put more faith in that, for all we know the current writers and story workers might be just as frustrated with the lack of released lore.

  8. Nice to see they have hired a new writer. Perhaps this will improve the lack of lore because seriously, is like the story is completely stuck and if it starts moving to a direction it is for a second and only to mess up with your brain. Also, I love the last two shorts, but at the same time I feel conflicted because I want the OW world to move forward and those stories were pretty much told in their bios. We know that there was the omnic crisis but do we really know a lot about that time? Not really. We know overwatch had blackwatch and because of it overwatch ended up disbanded by the UN. Now we have winston trying to get overwatch united again to stop talon who are the "bad guys" and I belive that's it. Am I missing something truly important? I believe most of the rest of the "lore" we have can be summarized in a paragraph per character of their bio. And most of the info was there from the start, with the exception of the added heroes. Oh, but dont forget we cant trust their bios because d.va is not a starcraft pro anymore and the information there actually raises more questions. It'd be the best thing ever if the lack of lore was because they were working on some novel/bunch of cinematic shorts/comics/series/movie/whatever the hell moves the story forward or at least elaborates clearly on more context than just a mission like the archives (not that I mind them, I love those, but having a mission from the past once a year doesnt really help on keeping fans wanting to know more) I feel like part of the game feels a little stale to many because its not just an FPS where you pick a gun or rifle and start killing enemies, but you pick a character, with a set of abilities, history and personality, who feels more real than characters on many games, in a universe with so much story-telling potential but the world feels frozen over. I'm not saying overwatch is only for the art, for the stories or the characters, because it is an FPS and the essence is killing others with your team while completing objectives, however I know I'm not the only one feeling like the universe is wasting much of its potential to become much more appealing, keeping the playerbase alive and making it an overall better experience

  9. I don't mean to be cynical about how this is going to affect anything, but just because a new, talented writer has shown up it doesn't necessarily mean that we're gonna see some serious progression of lore being released.

    There's still a matter of which method they want to go with releasing the new bits of lore that they've planned out behind the scenes. Not to mention what bit of lore do they want to release. I might be missing some other stuff in this process, but still.

    Just to clarify, I'm not hating on Michael Chu or the anonymous writers in his team. I'm pretty sure that they have planned out plenty, but just don't want to show it all to us because "spoilers"? I'm just wanting to say what I think about whether or not adding a new writer is going to give us a lot more lore.

    Anyways, I welcome the new writer and whatever talent she's going to bring for the Overwatch writing team. But I only hope that she doesn't become another scapegoat victim like Michael Chu has because of the possibility that the lore won't progress any more than it is right now.

  10. OMG Nesskain is such an amazing artist! I'm glad they're finally a part of the team (even though they've been making wonderful paintings for Overwatch for months already)

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