PC Gaming News Weekly – July 23 2015 – Arkham Knight, Street Fighter DLC, Steam Curator, Skyforge

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First episode of PC Gaming News Weekly! Since this is a new series how I do this series may change rapidly depending on user feedback.

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8 thoughts on “PC Gaming News Weekly – July 23 2015 – Arkham Knight, Street Fighter DLC, Steam Curator, Skyforge”

  1. Would much like to hear more on skyforge, as an old mmo player I'm still looking for that old magic of such immersive world's that aren't too perfect but also have that conflict of struggle between players for power

  2. Really great video with high production values! But I think you should do a little more to differentiate this from the content patch as its an extremely obvious inspiration. Anyway keep up the great work dude!

  3. Excellent work on creating a new series that will hopefully be interesting and actually weekly.  I really enjoy your work so far and I hope you do well with this! 😀

    Now a bit of discussion about the steam curators: this was necessary due to the current status of Steam. Valve has been very lenient/almost meek-like when it comes to handling developers. Valve at one point was going to implement the tags system and that would have solved this problem and it would not have been necessary for this curator to even exist. The moment developers rejected negative (or even funny) tags for games the problems that preyed Steam before continued. Then they tried to solve the problems of having so many crap games and misleading things on the store by adding the Curator system… instead of doing their own clean-through of the store. 

    And now we come to today, where a 30fps curator is necessary to get the word out about a game being 30fps. If we had tags as they were by inception, or perhaps a section of community tags and a section of Developer tags this could have been solved. In fact I'm surprised there's not a "Warning Broken Game Ahead" curator.

    The problems that Steam has however could have easily been fixed by it's parent entity: Valve. Valve, unlike most companies, is a privately owned company. Meaning it doesn't need to be worried about exponential growth every year. Valve unfortunately, like I mentioned earlier, is too leniant when it comes to developers. It easily bends to the will of large (And small) companies so quickly. The paradox about this is that it should be absolutely the other way around: Valve is one of the largest Developers in the industry, and they are undoubtedly the largest Distributor in the PC space. They literally (Actual meaning) have nearly all the power when it comes to the PC space. If they started enforcing new measures of quality of their store and reevaluated the games on Steam it would have a huge impact.

    …whew, /rant

    But on what you brought up in the video, yes you are quite right that the curator system is ready for an abusive situation to happen where a group comes in (let's say 4chan) and reviews a ton of absolutely terrible games and gets them to the front page.
    There would be some confusion on the first day but then people would realize "Oh this is a bad curator who's suggesting terrible games" and it would be over. But if anything that would be useful. A terrible curator who recommends terrible games would bring up warning flags to people as soon as they see it. 

    That's my take on it, best of luck mate!

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