Play Any PC Game on Your Android Device

Ever wanted to play your Steam games on your phone?

With the app called Moonlight and some simple steps explained by Rawad in this video, you can easily stream games like Rocket League or Dota 2 on your phone or tablet.

Take note that this requires root access in order to gain the full advantages of the app (i.e. complete in-game mouse footage).

Full XDA guide and supported devices here (very important):

Download the Moonlight app here:

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50 thoughts on “Play Any PC Game on Your Android Device”

  1. There way more videos about this than I thought there would be since this just makes the gaming experience worse… I think you've tricked valve into thinking people want this, cuz now they are coming out with a simpler way to do this… If they came out with a cloud based game processing then it streams to your phone, that would be something but this is just a waste of time imo, and I think the market will agree.

  2. This is stupid as playing space impact in nokia or playing bounce in nokia using a cheat try this cheat 787898 that is the code. Ahhhmm never mind you making me nuts. How to play steam games on android. Yeah you got it

  3. this is the future of cheap dirt Gaming. and you need this. …. you wanna know WHY You NEED THIS?. So lets say you get an CHEAP Cardboard VR, Moonlight app. + ,Headtracking APP = …. Annnnnnnnd BAM YOU get VR HEadset for PC" Wireless. <3


    You have a Phone Rooted Phone?,
    You have Any Phone-holder Headset?
    You have a head?
    You have a brain? (Moonlight Setup + Headtracking Setup/ + VRIDGE(Cost 5-20$) )
    You have Time to spare ?
    You wanna help this project?

    Hit me up, will be a pleasure to send the full setup package and support for setup.

    Hit up at
    Object : BETA TESTER For CD(Cheap Dirt)-VR :: Protagonist : (Your NAME )
    –Feel Free to fill the Message part with Ideas, Feedback / Conversation we might have.

  4. Ok people who don't realize you can forward some ports on your router and play on your phone anywhere you are with a controller. Then get the connection for your phone to connect to tv and bam you have your pc with you anywhere in your pocket

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