Rainbow Six Siege HWATW Ep. #685 (Gaming News)

Well it’s that time again n other than it’s a slow news day grab some popcorn as I’ll tell ya some gaming news our first story is according to gamingbolt not only that The Witcher 3 PS4/PS4P HDR patch is causing some new problems for players on that verison of The Witcher 3 n THQ Nordic will be skipping E3 this year due to a Fifa World Cup event (with their full lineup that’ll be revealed during Gamescom later this year) but also former Playstation Boss Andrew House thinks that the PS5 & next Xbox will still be using physical discs which might be the case in previous console generations or the next console generation could go all out digital distribution which could be the case since most entertainment products like movies & music can be experience online more & more now these days n games are slowly following down that path too, but only time will tell if the next console generation will either be like the previous generation of consoles with a physical disc tray or go out on digitally overall n u can check out gamingbolt for more details our last story is according to VG247 not only that Twitch streamer Ninja is really popular at the third place of “social interaction” behind Lebron James at second place & Cristiano Ronaldo at the #1 spot but also a report from kotaku details the financial troubles at Hanger 13 as well as the life of the studio itself before Mafia lll was released & after it’s launch n the report not only mentioned that Hanger 13 was planning to do a Mafia IV as well as a Soy game set around Berlin which seems unlikely those two projects ain’t happening, but the most interesting part from the kotaku report is that a top-secret 2K studio is developing a new Bioshock game codename Parkside n while expect the big announcement from 2K to be Borderlands 3, a new Bioshock game could be the big announcement that’ll surprise everyone whenever it’s official announced someday n u can check out VG247 for more details n kotaku for more details about Hanger 13 overall situation/small part of a new Bioshock game in development if you’re interested well that’s all the news for tonight until then I’ll see ya on Monday for the next episode of hangout with a talkin whale
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