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Battlefield 5 has women in it. If that bothers you, please, piss off


Fortnite has done the impossible when it comes to netcode in battle royale shooters – report


After tens of thousands of pre-orders, 3D audio headphones startup Ossic disappears

Apple reject iOS Steam Link app

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25 thoughts on “We Lost the Best of Us – This Week in Gaming | FPS News”

  1. LevelCap, well done tribute to your mentor and friend. I am sure he is proud of how you conduct yourself and your voice in the gaming community. My thoughts and prayers will be with you as you grieve your friend.

  2. Once H1Z1 returns to it's roots as a zombie survival game, I might look into playing it. Until then, hell no. That game has been in beta for like 4 years, and has since been surpassed by other games in it's class. The first year from what I hear was players trying to get a stable server to play on. I'll always play a new Zed survival game. ARMA 2 mod is buggy as hell and that's why I love it. ARMA 3 mod is a step in the right direction. Dayz Standalone is full of turbo nerds and dupe abusers.

  3. Requiescat in pace TotalBiscuit.

    A great man taken before his time – but his work and influence will stay with us. You entertained me and expanded my horizons, and you set the bar for what professional game journalism is today. Thank you for everything. You will on in our hearts and minds.

    EDIT: Also, cancer sucks. Seriously – fuck cancer!

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