Weekly Japanese Gaming News ~9.28

Splatoon 2 Jacket

Boo Shirt

Nier Collab


11 thoughts on “Weekly Japanese Gaming News ~9.28”

  1. The Splatoon jacket will likely be produced In a very short run hence the price. Its also more of a collectible coming In a wooden box but you would have to be huge fan to pay that amount. It would also need to be fully made In japan to justify any price near that, Its expensive for what It Is.

  2. New Mic and the poor cats room! XD Those coats are amazing but OMG that cost!! I try to get as much Nier merch as I can but I want Emil stuff! Is it bad I spent too much money buying a special edition of Root Letter from UK and have not played it yet! ><

  3. $900! For a jacket? If someone actually buys that, then they must be one rich squid kid.

    From what I've heard SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy doesn't sound like an awful game, but it doesn't sound like it's all that good of a game either, definitely not worth the $45 to $50 that it started at but if it were to go on sell for like $20 or less I'd probably pick up a copy of it just to try it out.

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