Weird Gaming News Anthology of Glory

This is a bit of a weird, pointless anthology of actual gaming news from the last few days. Cities Skylines used in actual planning documents, Destiny 2 spend years deleting shaders and there’s now a Fallout wasteland cookbook. Listen. It was enough to entertain us.

Hosts: Mike Williams and Gareth Evans
Script by Mike Williams
Edited by Jake Kulkowski

City planner caught using cities skylines screenshot in proposal
Destiny 2 players have collectively spent 25 years deleting shaders
Bungie –
And –
Eurogamer –
Official fallout recipe book
Amazon –
PCGamer –

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35 thoughts on “Weird Gaming News Anthology of Glory”

  1. instead of letting people delete the fucking things they should just make it when you get it you can use it forever and you only get it once it's not delete-able, solves so many problems if they're not greedy morons.

  2. … and we all have the components for "Iguana on a stick" recipe … Play Fallout 2, and you know what I mean. 😉

    Or look here: … It's made from human flesh …

  3. That shader story is actually pretty interesting though. Players have wasted so much time just deleting garbage they didn't want, all because Bungie decided to get greedy. The fact that they're adding a feature that lets you delete shaders in bulk is pretty sad.

  4. Cities Skylines is a great game, it should be used more in real world applications. Makes it quick and easy to give potential investors or home buyers a first look.

  5. Iguana on a stick…is human meat! In Fallout 1, you find out that the Junktown Hospital was selling human meat as "Iguana Bits." The Fallout Wiki for Fallout 1 says not to confuse Iguana on a Stick with Iguana Bits. This suggests Iguana on a stick is not human meat. However, Iguana Bits do make an appearance in Fallout 4 and are required in order to cook "Iguana on a Stick." So, it's human mean. Honestly, when have you ever seen an iguana in Fallout?

  6. Honest truth! My grandmother bought me a pet iguana for my 8 yr old birthday, w/o telling my parents. My parents were furious, but I was thrilled. Then it bit me, and I if I had had this recipe I would have tried Iguana on a stick.

  7. Nice one guys love when PGG does this sort of vid always entertaining.
    When I saw the add for a chicken feeder before the vid I thought we are not off to a good start here but you came through in the end with fallout mystery meat stew.

  8. Isn't Carol's mystery meat stew made from human flesh? Now I'm all for trying new recipe ideas, but cannibalism? I've never been that hungry! ……………..But maybe with a bottle of chianti………….um…….?

  9. To be fair I live in Norfolk and this perhaps the biggest news story that is ever going to happen here. Which to be honest is why i love living here.

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