You Can Now Play Dreamcast Games Online…Without A Dreamcast | News Wave Extra

Developers of a popular Dreamcast Emulator used in RetroArch called Reicast now has the ability to play games online. This of course is a big step for Dreamcast emulators since the code used would be open source and could probably even be used in other emulators for the Dreamcast. The community online is still fairly large and as long as you have access to the game files you can start playing your favorite Dreamcast games online even if you don’t have the system.

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35 thoughts on “You Can Now Play Dreamcast Games Online…Without A Dreamcast | News Wave Extra”

  1. I remember during my young days using a program for windows 98 to route the bandwitch signal to dreamcast and play online. I think its time to test if I could connect to private servers again.

  2. Sega should just re release the Dreamcast , offer tools for fans to make new games for it. Have an online store with all their old games and highlight homebrew games. The gaming community would flip out and support this intensely

  3. Really nice video Jon(SW). Very cool Dreamcast Emulator. I can definitely see a Dreamcast Mini coming but I don't think Sega will make it playable online tho but you never know what the future holds.

  4. This is not real… Phantasy Star Online, Power Stone, Sonic with the memory card Giga Pet?! I need a DC… Thank you for the updates. Still, by far the best gaming news available. Thank you for keeping us updated!

  5. My poor console was destroyed by Sandy. 1st console I ever bought with my own money. (N64 doesn't count cause I only paid for half of it FYI). It was very upsetting. More so than having to fix up my family beach house. I still have it. why? not sure, but I've been very close to just buying another one online.

  6. I wish I'd never sold my Dreamcast and accessories. Had the fishing rod and other crap, lol.
    I hope we get at least a mini model anytime with a bunch of games like the other classic editions.

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